The West Show has a wide selection of exhibit classes including agriculture, horticulture, cookery, arts and crafts that can be entered by both adult and junior residents of St Saviour, St Pierre du Bois and Torteval.

Schedule of Exhibit Classes

Our Schedule of Exhibit Classes booklet provides a full list of all the classes that can be entered, together with details on how to enter. Printed versions of the booklet can be collected at the following outlets. (list of outlets below, to be announced later)

A digital version of this booklet can be viewed and downloaded here.

Get involved and enter

Decide on a class to enter

Once you’ve decided which class(es) you would like to enter, you will need to complete an entry form which is available to download from this page or can be found within a printed Schedule of Exhibit Classes booklet.
Please note: A membership ticket is required to enter any exhibit classes. Details on where to purchase one can be found on our Info page.

Enter & Pay

Completed entry forms, along with the relevant entry fees, will be accepted at St Peter’s Community Hall (located behind St Peter’s Post Office) on selected dates. There, you will receive an exhibit card and envelope for each entry you’ve submitted.

Take your exhibits to the show

Bring your exhibits with their completed cards and envelopes to the showground, either on the Tuesday before the show after 4pm, or on the Wednesday morning before 9.45am. Place each of your exhibits in the marked areas with the cards, enclosed in the envelopes, next to your entry.

There will be access for vehicles to enter the site from the gateway along Route des Adams for unloading of exhibits on the day, however vehicles must be cleared from the showground by 9:45am on Wednesday.

Late entries will not be accepted.


Judging of exhibits begins sharply at 10am. No exhibitor will be permitted inside the Exhibit Tent or Animal Tent until judging has completed (approximately 1pm).

Collection of Prizes

Prize money and trophies won from our competitions can be collected during our prize giving nights from St Peter’s Community Hall.

The dates for our prize giving nights will be announced shortly.

Rules for Competitors

Before entering any competitions, please ensure you have read the rules for competitors available here.