Trade Stand Information

Catering Pitches

There are a limited number of catering pitches available. Demand for these is high, so it is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate all applicants.

Applications will be considered based on the pitch size required and the type of food to be sold in order that the Show provides a variety of food stands for its visitors.

Please contact us for the price of a catering pitch.

Outside Pitches (non-catering)

Outside pitches start from £100 for 3 x 3m (10 x 10ft) pitch for the two days. If you would like a pitch in a certain area, please indicate this in the additional details section of the application form. We will do our best to accommodate you, but this is not guaranteed. Pitch locations may be subject to change without notification.


The show has a number of tents for hire, see table below. If you require a tent size not listed please put your request in the additional information box and we will advise you of availability and cost.

    Size Cost
10 x 10 feet / 3 x 3 metres £115
12 x 24 feet / 3.6 x 7.4 metres £225

Inside Trade Tables

These are sold per table (12 x 2ft / 3.6 x 0.6m). The price per table is £90 for the two days.

Charity Pitches

Charity pitches start from £65 for a 3 x 3m (10 x 10ft) outside pitch for the two days. Inside tables are £60 for a 12 x 2ft (3.6 x 0.6m) table for the two days.

Entry Passes

Free two day entry passes with car parking are allocated to each pitch. The amount of passes that you will receive is dependent on the cost of the pitch as per the table below. Additional passes are available to purchase at the cost of £6.50 per person. If you require extra passes, please enter the number you require on the form, and the cost will be added to your invoice. The passes will be posted to you once payment has been received.

Cost of Pitch Number of passes allocated
£0 - £100 2
£101 - £299 3
£301 to £499 4
£500 - £599 5
£600 - £699 6
£700 - £799 7
£800 - £899 8
£900 - £999 9
£1,000 + 10
Charity Pitches 4 (for a £60 pitch)


Terms and Conditions

 Please complete the application form with as much detail as possible (the same as last year will not be acceptable!)

Upon receipt of the completed form, we will send you confirmation that your request has been received.

Please ensure that the details you provide are correct and complete to avoid any disappointment on the day. Demand for pitch space is high, so we recommend you apply early.

Receipt of application does not guarantee allocation of a pitch at the Show

Pitch requests are considered in order of receipt of application, but there are limitations to the amount of pitches that the Society will accept in each category (i.e. catering, motors etc).

The Society reserves the right not to accept an application without further explanation.

A risk assessment form must be completed for all pitches and returned together with a copy of a valid public liability insurance certificate.

You must also comply with all current Guernsey Health & Safety, Environmental health, Fire regulations & West Show site rules (see following page).

Only on receipt of payment will a confirmed booking be held for you.

Due to high demand, all payments must be received by the date stated on the invoice, otherwise the pitch will be reallocated without further notification.

Electricity Usage

If electricity is required, please indicate in the appropriate box on the application form, and advise why it is required. Electricity is charged at a separate rate to the pitch charge. Electricity is a limited resource on the Showground, prior booking is needed and requests on the day will not be accommodated. Electric will not be supplied until Wednesday morning, unless by prior agreement.

Water Usage

Water is a limited resource on the Showground. There are a number of water stations around the site if you are not sure where your nearest one is please ask when you arrive.

Unacceptable items

As the show is held on a nature reserve and near to the sea, the Committee has decided that certain items will no longer be able to be distributed or sold on the showground, as they are not acceptable from an environmental point of view due to them being hazardous to wildlife. These items are also not allowed to ensure the safety of animals on the show site throughout the year.

These items include; Balloons; silly string; spray cans of foam, glitter or other; cap guns and fun bangers. We ask that stall holders respect this.


Show Site Rules

Access on, to and from the site

Delivery vehicles must use Le Rocque gate only (opposite L’Eree shingle bank) unless prior arrangements are made.

Setting Up

All stalls, pitches and catering stands must be set up by 10am on the Wednesday of the Show. All non-display vehicles must be cleared from the showground by 9:45am on both show days.

Vehicular access to the showground during the hours that it is open to the public (10am-8pm), will be strictly for emergency vehicles only. Limited access, with vehicles being driven at walking pace is allowed after 8pm on Thursday for stands that wish to close. Catering stands are expected to remain open till 11pm on both days.

Should you need to restock your stand on the Thursday please ensure that this is done before 9:45am.

In strictly emergency situations only, and by arrangement with the Show Managers, requests for vehicles to have access to the showground must be made in advance of the vehicle arriving at the site.

Stall holders will not be allowed to park on site unless it is absolutely necessary. This must be agreed with the show manager prior to 9:00am on the Wednesday of the Show and these vehicles must only park in designated areas as indicated by the Show Manager.

No vehicles are to park within 6m (18ft) of any tents which have public access (no exceptions at all) If a vehicle is left in an area which may cause a Health & Safety risk and no owner can be found, the vehicle may be towed away.


Please ensure that your stand is cleared from the showground by 12 noon on the Friday. Inside table stalls in the main tent should be aware that the tent usually comes down early on the Friday morning so tables should be cleared after 8pm on the Thursday night.

All rubbish, catering detritus (e.g. cooking oil) and left over stock must be removed and disposed of by the stall holder. An invoice will be sent for clearance of anything that needs to be removed by the Committee, including a disposal charge.

Any decision made by the Show Managers on Show days is final. Abusive or offensive language or behaviour to any Show Manager, Officer of the Society, member of the Committee or public will not be tolerated from any stall holder or member of staff of any stall. If this occurs the stall holder will be asked to leave the showground and the pitch fee in the first instance will be retained by the Society. Any appeal would need to be made in writing to the President and Committee following the end of the Show.

If you have any queries regarding the completion of the application form or you require further information please email or telephone the secretary on 07781 403056.

If you would like further information or have a query regarding the site, please email the show manager at or phone 07781 112454.

Thank you,



If you wish to print a PDF copy of our terms and conditions, please click here.