Our priority is to bring you the best entertainment from the UK and Europe that we can to provide a variety of displays and demonstrations for the whole family to enjoy. Over the past few years we have brought acts which are usually only seen at large UK events to Guernsey to perform at the West Show.

Our Entertainment for 2021


Steve Colley

Multi-champion motorcycle trials rider Steve Colley will be featuring as our main act this year. His spectacular stunt show of jumps, drops and freestyle tricks all commentated from the man under the helmet is not one to be missed. He can do things with motorcycles that would usually be considered impossible!

Dr Phantasma

Step Right Up! Witness amazing acts and attractions, all wonderfully colourful and dynamic, in one show all presented by an unusual collection of strange performers and exhibits. This show is a recreation of a traditional American style sideshow for all ages to enjoy.


Meirion Owen and the Quack Pack

The Quack Pack combines clever Border Collies with cheeky Indian Runner ducks to provide humorous sheepdog and duck displays which showcase the bond and communication between handler and dog.

Accomplished sheep dog trials handler, Meirion Owen, provides his own commentary and uses a combination of commands to guide his dogs and cooperative (sometimes uncooperative) ducks around a course that includes tunnels, slides and pens.

Around the Showground


Lawnmower Racing

Our very popular Lawnmower Racing is returning this year. Run by the Guernsey Lawnmower Racing Club, these modified garden maintenance vehicles, now sporty racers (no longer used for grass cutting!), will be competing against one another over both days in adrenaline fuelled races to become this year's winner.

Fairground Attractions

We're very excited to have Little Pickles and Petit Funfair bringing a variety of attractions this year to entertain the youngsters!

Little Pickles will bringing their new Kids Karting and ever popular Chair-O-Plane Ride, and Petit Funfair will have their Pedal Boats and Water Walking Balls.


Sprinkle of Magic

Keep your eye out for princesses and superheroes who will be around the showground between 2.00pm and 4.30pm both days.

There will also be a tented soft play area for the littles ones to bounce around in.

Island Dog Training Club

The Island Dog Training Club will be returning this year to show off their dogs abilities in tackling obstacles. It is a fast paced spectacle showcasing the animal’s fitness and the handler’s ability to train and direct the dog.


The Vraiceater's Tavern

Once again, The Vraiceater's Tavern will be open for the duration of the show. This year we will be showcasing drinks from The Little Big Brew Co.

The Little Big Brew Co. is a craft brewery established here in Guernsey during the summer of 2020 by three industry professional. We will be serving their real ales and lager Alan, Betty, and Nigel on tap plus Alan and Betty as still ales.

Also, we will be serving locally made Rocquette Cider, produced from quality apples picked from the orchards located in the Guernsey countryside run by the family business. Plus we will have our very own Gin and Prosecco bar.

As usual, there will be live music from Guernsey's top bands on both evenings from 7.00pm, with Stoked and Stuck to the Ceiling on Wednesday and Last of the Light Brigade and City Limits on Thursday.

beer tent


Stuck to the Ceiling
Stuck to the Ceiling


Last of the Light Brigade
Last of the Light Brigade
City Limits
City Limits

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting The Vraiceater's Tavern.