Become a sponsor

The West Show is a community event like no other, hosting over 10,000 visitors per year and celebrating the very best of Guernsey’s agricultural and horticultural interests.

The Show costs a considerable sum of money to put on each year, and as a registered charity, we are heavily reliant on the generosity of our sponsors – some of whom have been helping the Show for a number of years. The Show would not be the success that it has been without them and we are always incredibly thankful for any support received.

Sponsorship can be used for general or more specific purposes. As an example, we have sponsors who cover the cost of the bands that play in the beer tent, others who sponsor sections of the exhibit tent and others who sponsor rosettes for the livestock sections.

We also have sponsors who offer us ‘goods in kind’ rather than money, and this can include discounted use of machinery or donations of materials.

All of our sponsors are named in our programme which is offered to everyone that passes through the gates of the Show ground, and will also be named on our website. Depending on the level of sponsorship provided, we also offer the chance to display corporate banners at the showground, have an advert in our schedule and an invitation to the official West Show lunch.

If you have a specific area that you would like to sponsor, please do get in touch. As previously mentioned, we are grateful for any amount of sponsorship, be it big or small. We would love to hear from you and would be more than happy to run through what we can offer you as a thank you for your support.