Risk Assessment Form 

A risk assessment form must be completed for all pitches and returned together with a copy of a valid public liability insurance certificate. Pitch holders may use their own risk assessment form if preferred.

Please email a copy of your public liability insurance certificate to admin@thewestshow.com.

Risk Assessment

Please provide as much information as possible.

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Contact Name
Who might be harmed?
There is no need to list individuals by name - just consider groups of people doing similar work and who may be affected, please select boxes.
Please pay attention to staff with disabilities, inexperienced staff, visitors and lone workers as they may be more vulnerable.
Look only for hazards which you could reasonably expect to result in significant harm under the conditions in your pitch area.
List existing controls here or note where the information may be found (for example; procedures, manuals etc.)
Have you already taken precautions against the risks from the hazards you have listed?
For example, have you provided: Adequate information, instruction or training, systems or procedures.
Do the precautions meet the standards set by a legal requirement, represent good practice, comply with a recognised industry standard, and reduce risk as far as reasonably practicable?
If so, then the risks are adequately controlled, but you need to indicate the precautions you have in place.
You are entitled to take cost into account, unless the risk is high.

Please make sure to fill all the fields out correctly.

We aim to get back to you within 3 weeks of receipt of your application.

A copy of your risk assessment will be sent to the email supplied in this form.

If you have any questions about completing this risk assessment, please contact us.

What further action is necessary to control risks?

What more could you reasonably do to control those risks which you found were not adequately controlled? You will need to give priority to those risks which affect large numbers of people and/or could result in serious harm.

Apply the principles below when taking further action, preferably in the following order:

  1. Remove the risk completely
  2. Try a less risky option
  3. Prevent access to the hazard
  4. Organise work to reduce exposure to hazard
  5. Issue personal protective equipment
  6. Provide welfare facilities (e.g. first aid)